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Having used Sibelius for over 5 years, I know the program like the back of my hand. I also use Dorico and Musescore, and create my cover pages in Adobe InDesign. I work as a graphic designer and score preparator in several orchestral organisations, and I hope that my desire to communicate ideas clearly is reflected in my work as well as my personality.


Please do get in touch if you need an arrangement done, or need some engraving advice! I always aim to get back within 1-3 days, but it may take longer depending on my schedule - click on "Contact and Enquiries" on the menu above. 

I'm a London based violinist or violist - please get in touch if you need a player!


When I'm not busy meeting deadlines, I enjoy eating cake, playing video games, and reading. 

photograph taken in Spring 2017, Cadogan Hall