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photograph taken in Spring 2017, Cadogan Hall


I'm Sophia, an engraver and arranger based in London. I am currently in full-time education and a first-study violist at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, having just done my GCSEs and achieving nearly all 7-9s. I hope to pick up a few internships or work experience in the music industry, particularly in a publishing house or musical theatre setting, as I aspire to work as a conductor/MD or a score preparator. I'm usually available for gigs and concerts located near central London, please do get in touch if you need a violinist or violist!

I primarily use Sibelius and Dorico to make my scores, having streamlined the process of engraving and formatting music over many adrenaline-fuelled hours (usually at night). 

Some of my current projects include chamber arrangements, specifically for strings and piano - I have been fortunate enough to have some of my arrangements performed, and am looking to get some of them published. I am also working on a transcription of Ethel Smyth's Serenade for strings from the original manuscript, housed in The British Library - this has been a really interesting experience for me, as I usually work from digital files rather than paper, and I hope to upload the score and parts onto IMSLP once finished.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, you can find my contact details by clicking on Contact & Enquiries or checking out my email in the footer of each page. 

Outside of music I like to read books and play video games, and eat as much cake as I can.

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