Engraving is the art of editing notation to make it both aesthetically and practically functional, with correct, instrument-specific notation. 


Traditionally beginning with hand-carving blocks of metal and pressing it onto paper, most publishers use software instead - this means that engraving as an art is much more accessible than it was before. 


It does not take much for your score to look clean and simple, so here are a few compiled resources.


If you're a composer or arranger and you need help engraving - contact me for more help!




10/10 would recommend for beginners to take a look at. The site is informative and a great starting place if you’ve never engraved before. 



A collection of websites and books. Small, but dandy. 



This provides a really great, simple, comprehensive guide to use as reference. 



I love this group to death. Here is a compilation of useful websites and resources that I am sharing with a larger group courtesy of the Music Engraving Tips facebook group. 



Unfortunately, there are not PDFs for all books available online - if you want a copy, I recommend that you buy one to sit on your desk as reference which helps support the author. 


Music Publishers Association - Standard Music Engraving Practice 


Mark Mcgain - Music Notation 


Steve Powell - Music Engraving Today


Elaine Gould - Behind Bars


Tom Gerou and Linda Lusk - Essential Dictionary of Music Notation

Kurt Stone - Music Notation in the Twentieth Century