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Please note that I can only accept transactions through PayPal

Feel free to discuss commissions via email, which can be found under Contact & Inquiries - if you are looking for my portfolio, please check the Portfolio and Resume tab in the menu bar. 

I am also able to play in gigs as a violist or violinist - please just email me with details and I will get back to you as soon as I can!



If you're a budding composer or an experienced musician, I'm happy to offer my expertise. I've had experience with all sorts of ensembles and many different types and styles of music - while I am most familiar with traditional western notation, I have also been fortunate enough to write for ensembles with rarer, traditional instruments like the dizi and pipa. Please get in touch via email if you would like to discuss this further with me, and I am more than happy to provide samples of previous work or parts of my portfolio.


If you need a custom arrangement of a piece for a concert, or you'd like to hear your piece re-written for a full orchestra, I'd love to work with you on that project! I am happy to write for custom ensembles, chamber groups, and utilise more obscure instruments - please do send me an email if you would like to see examples of my work.

PLEASE NOTE (legal disclaimer): All licensing and permissions of copyrighted material are the sole responsibility of the purchaser (you). Permission to arrange and print licenses must be obtained from the relevant copyright holder and copied to me in writing (i.e by email) before leasing arranged music. Licenses can be purchased from the publishers and assistance will be provided upon request - however, original compositions do not require licensing.​

I will charge the cost of the licence on top of the arranging/orchestration fees, which can significantly increase the price unless you would like to pay for the licence yourself. I highly encourage you to research whether the music lies in public domain, or whether a licence to arrange can be obtained. There is no guarantee that your proposal is legally possible. 

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